Monday, 18 February 2013

Scripts for voice over

Joe(Policeman): 999 what's your emergency

Amelia:  *sobbing* *heavy breathing*

Joe(Policeman): 999 what's your emergncy?.. Hello?


Camera shots

In our film we will be filming predominantly from a point of view from the main antagonist in our film. We are using this because it is not commonly used and will give the audience a different way of making an instant connection with with antagonist which is unusual in horrors as that character is usually kept secretive and there actions are not seen. With the being point of view You are not seeing the character from another persons perspective and show the details of how the character features stay hidden and so is kept true to the horror genre.

Although it will be mainly a point of view, there will be long shots from the end of the hall way which will show the character  



Film Title


Risk Assessment

Costumes and Makeup

For our characters one will be in the shower and so will not  nee any clothing, however our other character, the murderer will be dressed in dark clothing that any usual person may own, but he will have the edition of a carving knife. no make up is needed in the shots as one is in the s

Statistics used in Film

Our film opening will be a mixture of film shots we have made, and slide with factual information about serial killers in the UK and murder statistics, and there will be a voice over narrating the clips.

we found the statistics by simply searching on google and looking at the top results.



Test Shots

Casting research

Horror Genre Research

Pitch For film Opening

Openings Scene Ideas

3 Film Openings

once upon a time in the west analysis

Opening scene task introduction

Children Of Men Opening Frame

Preliminary Task